Vorm in Herhaling

The exhibition shows works from different periods in the history of silkscreen art and draws connections with the present, in which there is a renewed interest in the craft of making graphic art.

The theme ‘Vorm in Herhaling’ is explored in two ways: both in terms artists content and technique. The repeating principle of silkscreen printing, in which a shape, often in a different color, is printed layer upon layer, functions as the starting point.

With work by Michaël Berkhemer, Pieter Bijwaard, Walter van Broekhuizen, Karin Broos, Paul Clark, Adam Colton, Corneille, Robin Deirkauf, Piet Dirkx, Gérard van den Eerenbeemt, Rosemin Hendriks, Madelon Hooykaas, Floor van Keulen, Arno Kramer, Anke Land, Hieke Luik, Marcel Maeyer, Jeroen Melkert, Ortho Owen, Jan Roëde, Frederik Roes, Jet Rotmans, William Speakman, Calevi Tenhovaara, Elizabeth de Vaal, Siree van der Velde, Henk Visch, Geert Voskamp, Jean-Paul Vroom, Carel Willink and Jan Wolkers.

During September next, the current exhibition will be followed by a sequel: Vorm in Herhaling II in which young, contemporary artists will react on the theme by freely making use of different media and/or techniques.